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Popular fashion trends that faded away in 2022

The most predictable thing about fashion is, indeed, its unpredictability. Every year, we see the emergence of new and unique fashion trends in addition to the resurfacing of forgotten ol’ styles. At the same time, several popular fashion trends bite the dust too soon with people moving on to the next one too quickly.

2022 was also marked by some such fashion trends that gradually faded away, making space for newer ones.

So, with the yearend knocking on our doors, we reached out to designers who told us about some popular fashion trends that, they feel, are gone for good.

According to designer Babita Malkani, one of the biggest fashion trends that died or faded away in 2022 is skinny jeans. “Recently, fashion saw a boom with different and more relaxed styles of jeans such as wide leg, straight leg, bootleg, asymmetric and baggy jeans — major winners in both comfort and style,” she told

Agreeing, designer Sameer Malhotra, Co-founder, of Wake Your Dreams said, “As the trends are veering towards more loose fit, paving way for comfort, skinny jeans are out of fashion.”

Apart from skinny jeans, camo prints and heels have also gone out of style with customers more inclined towards sneakers, Malhotra said

According to Malkani, there are two other trends that have faded away, namely cold-shoulder tops and real fur clothing. “Real fur is officially a relic of old times and one can go for faux fur that is made from sustainable materials if you desire that look,” she said.

Designers emphasised that fashion lovers are increasingly moving away from wear-and-throw fast fashion and are picking clothes that are made to last and responsibly produced. “Now, people care about who made their clothes, where they come from, and how many years they can get from each garment they purchase.

The focus is on buying and wearing mindfully. Today, social media is replete with styling tips that can help you re-wear your existing wardrobe while creating completely fresh looks.

We think people want pieces that can be repurposed, have a story behind them, and can be eventually passed on to friends or family as heirlooms.” said designer duo Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas, Founders, Suta.

Malhotra agreed that there is indeed a shift toward conscious buying and sustainability. “Now, fast fashion is a big no-no and brands have been scrutinised for it. Luxury brands have taken strong steps to ban fur and chose alternative options,” he said.

While neutral colours will continue to dominate the wardrobes of fashion lovers, Sujata believes that the trend of wearing a neutral palette from head to toe is on its way out. “In 2023, we foresee both men and women pairing their neutrals with bright pops of colour.

The idea is for them to really express themselves through their clothing choices and not play safe – adding vivid pops of colour to your otherwise neutral-toned looks is a great way to change things up without making any sweeping changes to your aesthetic,” she said.

While comfort remains a priority, boxy oversized silhouettes, especially in the form of jackets and blazers, are on their way out, Taniya said. “Instead, we see more men and women favouring cropped styles, which pair effortlessly with a variety of separates, including skirts, shorts or even saris.”

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