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The European Super League Gonna Be Suspended?

The European Super League is convinced that the current status quo of European football needs to change.

We are proposing a new European competition because the existing system does not work. Our Proposal is aimed at allowing the sport to evolve while generating resources and stability for the full football pyramid, including helping to overcome the financial difficulties experienced by the entire football community as a result of the pandemic. It would also provide materially enhanced solidarity payments to all football stakeholders.

Despite the announced departure of the English clubs, forced to take such decisions due to the pressure out on them, we are convinced our proposal is fully aligned with European law and regulations as was demonstrated today nu a court decision to protect the Super League from third party actions.

Given the current circumstances, we shall reconsider the most appropriate steps to reshape the project, always having in mind our goals of offering fans the best experience possible while enhancing solidarity payments for the entire football community.

The European Super League issue

Here some statements from AC Milan about The European Super League, ” The voice and concerns of supporters throughout the world about the Super League project have been strong and clear, and our club must remain sensitive and attentive to the opinion of those who love this sports. ”

An official statement from the Iner about The European Super League that they cannot a member of the Super League project. They said they were always committed to giving the fans the best football experience; innovation and inclusion are part of their DNA.

Chelsea football club also decided to leave The European Super League and also as soon as possible the English Premier League(EPL) football team will be leaving from the super league. UEFA announce if they were participating in this project then they were banned from both UCL and FIFA.

But Florentino Perez, the president of ESL and Real Madrid said that ESL will be best and suitable for both player and football teams. He said that the football world will be newly developed if ESL begins.

On the other hand, Boris Johnson, the politician, said,

” I welcome last night’s announcement. This is the right result for football fans, clubs, and communities across the country. We must continue to protect our cherished national game.”

He also said that the decision by Chelsea and Manchester City is – if confirmed- absolutely the right one and commend them for it. I hope the other clubs involved in The European Super League will follow their lead.


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