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Mortal Kombat Movie Review 2021

Mortal Kombat (2021) Movie Review

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  • IMDB: 7.0
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  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Mortal Kombat, the most popular movie of the year, has finally been released. Although video game-based movies have never been so good, I was naturally looking forward to the movie because of the different love and memories involved with the Mortal Kombat game. I like the movie a bit better and a little worse.

What Mortal Kombat about?

However, the urgent movie is a thousand times better than the 1997 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Not exactly nice but worth a look to spend time with.

To many, Mortal Kombat is a game of violence and gore that is impossible to say. They will sit down to watch Fatality in the movie. The good news for them is that there is no shortage of gore as the movie is rated. I myself am a fan of Fatality but I also love watching the backstory of each character.

Mortal Kombat behind the history:

When Mortal Kombat, The game Armageddon came out. I literally finished the game once with each character because at the end of the tournament the story of that winning character would be shown. The reason for saying this is so that you can understand why I gave the rating of the movie so low. Many times I lost interest in the movie due to lack of story. Even though I already thought that there would not be such a story, as a fan there is still some hope.

Mortal Kombat, how looks it’s like:

After watching the first 8-10 minutes of the movie, I thought that the Wow makers have a really deep story. To me, this is the first scene to be the highlight of this whole movie. The scenes that Subzero and Hasashi Hanzo had were all very nice. It seems to me that the writers swore that even if the movie was not good, they would highlight the fan favorites Subzero and Scorpion and in that case actors Joe Taslim and Hiroyuki Sanada gave their best.

I have no complaints about these two. It wouldn’t be bad if the whole movie focused on the two of them. I think Kano is the wild card of this movie. What a performance by Josh Lawson! He has done an accurate portrayal of Kano’s character. The most entertaining subject in the middle part of the movie is Kano without hesitation. When the movie slowly starts to get boring, Kano’s fame holds the movie. Jessica McNamee and Mehcad Brooks have done elegant work as Sonia Blade and Jax.

Actor, Actress and their activities in Mortal Kombat:

The movie also features Liu Kang and Kung Lao. I didn’t like Liu Kang at all. To be honest, it’s very lame. I like Kung Lao even though his dialogues and expressions are a bit cheesy and cartoonish. I was very disappointed to see my favorite character Raiden in the game in the movie. Raiden doesn’t really have that much of a role. Even if he was not shown in the whole movie, the story of this movie would have remained the same.

This time let’s go with the characters of Out World. No one was better than Subzero. The Kaval character was fairly average. Besides, they didn’t use Mileena properly. Reiko didn’t even understand that it was Reiko. Shang Tsung was smiling. I left out Nitara. Overall a very frustrating villain portrayal. They want to attack the world but why? None of these stories have been highlighted. There are a lot of faceless threat-type villains in this movie.

The weakest part of this movie is its main character Cole Young as Lewis Tan. Despite having so many characters, the main story of the movie is this studio-made character. Mortal Kombat has no shortage of characters that the studio needs to create a new character. So, they know why they did this.

The character has no depth of boring and the acting is very bad. Lewis Tan didn’t seem to have much faith in the movie, so he didn’t give a damn. Cole was a character that was very unnecessary. Although Gore is well used in movie editing, nothing violent happens until the very last hit.

However, the fights of Subzero and Scorpion are well choreographed. Besides, there are some horror-type effects in many places to scare me, which I like. But that is not to say that it happened They didn’t use Mortal Kombat’s iconic music properly, which was again very disappointing.

Mortal Kombat next part coming…

The movie also talks about the Mortal Kombat tournament but it was not shown at the end. It can be said that this movie will actually feature the main tournament in the prequel and the next part. However, although there are several drawbacks to the movie, I think there is scope for improvement in the next part. So I’m interested in the next part.

Hopefully, they will strengthen the characters by telling a little deeper story in the movies ahead. And the villains will make the story better with each passing time. Those who want to see can watch the movie. There are elements in the movie that are average but enjoyable. If nothing else, I believe Subzero and Scorpion will like it.

There are several game references for fans that can make you feel nostalgic. You can easily get the movie on any torrent site. To download this movie, please click here

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