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First ever Metrorail about to roll on

Metrorail, one of the mega projects of the government, is no longer a dream but a visible reality. Its trial has startedlast year. The train started from Diabari in the capital and returned to the depot through Pallavi.

If everything goes well, the Uttara to Agargaon section of the Uttara-Motijheel route is expected to officially start passenger transport on December 28, 2022. Capital residents are eagerly waiting for this day. We believe that Metrorail will bring ease and speed to the life of city dwellers.

The government plans to build six metro rail lines in Dhaka by mid-2030. There is no doubt that there will be a revolutionary change in the capital’s public transport system when all the lines are completed. City dwellers will also be freed from unbearable traffic jams. Several mega projects are currently underway in the country.

Although people have great interest in each of these, the interest of the countrymen, especially the residents of the capital, is naturally high for the Metrorail project. Meanwhile, everyone has a special vision.

Therefore, we think that effective steps should be taken to implement the projects that are underway to solve the public transport crisis in the capital and its surrounding areas. However, the government has kept it under the highest priority Fast Track scheme.

Due to the Corona situation, the pace of work on the Metrorail project was somewhat slowed down. Before Corona, work was going on in three shifts, but later one shift was reduced. Hopefully, however, the first part of the project appears to be on schedule. Other projects should also be given importance to be completed as soon as possible.
One of the capital’s biggest problems is the public transport crisis. Although various measures have been taken to solve this problem, the reality is that the passenger service in all the public transport routes of the capital is very poor except for one. As a result, many people are forced to buy private cars. This is a major reason for the heavy traffic in the capital. In this reality, the citizens of the capital have been waiting for a quality public transport for a long time.

There is no doubt that the lack of public transport will be removed to a large extent if the metro rail is launched. The precious time of the city dwellers will also be saved. However, only those traveling on the north-south route will get the benefit. In this metropolis, there are relatively more north-south roads, and the metro rail is also north-south. The number of east-west roads in this city is very less. In this reality, our urban planners and government policy makers should pay special attention to this aspect in order to completely solve the traffic woes of Dhaka residents.

Metrorail was once a dream for the people of Dhaka but today it has become a reality and it is now waiting to be opened to the public. A new era in communication and a new dream has begun in the capital. The 20.1 km long metro rail line from Uttara to Motijheel is known as MRT 6. 24 trains in both directions can carry 60 thousand passengers per hour and 5 lakh passengers per day. Each train will have 6 coaches, which can be upgraded in future, and each train will be able to carry a maximum of 2,308 passengers. Motijheel can be reached in just 40 minutes from Uttara, which will reduce traffic congestion and save working hours and time. Metrorail being fully electric will play an effective role in reducing environmental pollution.

Dhaka city has a lot of vehicles and the fumes from those vehicles pollute the air severely but since the metro rail will be electric, it will be possible to maintain this communication system well while protecting the environment. One of the major advantages of this metro rail is that it will not be interrupted in case of power failure but will run smoothly. This metro rail will be equipped with all kinds of modern facilities so that the passengers can complete their journey in ease and comfort. This metro rail will have wide doors for safe boarding of passengers.

Although various measures have been taken at different times to resolve traffic congestion in Dhaka city, they have not been very effective; But this metrorail will definitely play an effective role in decongesting traffic. Metrorail will not only ease traffic congestion in Dhaka city, it will greatly enhance the beauty of Dhaka city and at the same time will play an important role in the economic development of the country. Dhaka city residents will see a different, unique and beautiful Dhaka city when metro rail is launched. We celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Independence with pride and celebrated the Mujib Centenary. One of the milestones in communication, Padma Setu has been inaugurated. The construction of the tunnel in KarnaphuliRiver is in the final stage.

In the first phase, trains will run from Uttara to Pallavi and later to Agargaon. All construction work including flyover from Uttara to Agargaon has already been completed. Apart from this, the progress of work from Agargaon to Motijheel has been extensive. The metro rail from Uttara to Motijheel is 20.10 km long and has 16 stations. Metrorail Line 6 has two sections from Uttara to Agargaon and Agargaon to Motijheel.

Metrorail work is progressing through many hurdles and challenges and slowly a project like Metrorail is being completed and our dreams are coming true. After the terrorist attack at Holy Artisan, the progress of Metrorail work has slowed down, but under the strong leadership of the current government, it is progressing rapidly. The work of Metrorail has been carried out very efficiently even in the midst of the Corona pandemic and despite the thousands of challenges, the work of the Metrorail has not stopped even for a moment. The foreign experts and workers involved in this mega project did not stop even though they could not work on time due to the epidemic. Even though 668 people involved in the construction of Metrorail were affected by the corona virus, its journey did not stop, it continued.

For Metrorail, various types of products have to be brought from abroad and in this case, due to the corona epidemic, the concerned have to face various pressures and challenges. The government is implementing the metro rail project at a cost of around 22 thousand crore rupees and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has financed the project.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed her strong conviction to transform Digital Bangladesh into Smart Bangladesh. With the Prime Minister’s dream of Smart Bangladesh, we also want to start dreaming of Smart Bangladesh. Bangabandhu has shown some big dreams to the countrymen and has spread hope in the hearts of the countrymen by implementing them. He dreamed of Padma Bridge and realized it. He dreamed of Metrorail and made it happen. Karnaphuli has brought relief to the countrymen by constructing a tunnel in the river. He is able to implement the promises made by the Prime Minister due to his bold and determined mindset. The visionary Prime Minister of Digital Bangladesh has put his signature of skill and wisdom in building Digital Bangladesh. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the metro rail in the last week of December. The gates of dreams will open and the New Year will begin in a joyful atmosphere.
Mehjabin Bhanu is a Bangladeshi teacher, columnist and writer.

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