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Disrupted by severe chilling cold in Panchagarh

The people of Panchagarh district have been experiencing bone-chilling cold for the last three days that disrupted their normal activities.

The minimum temperature was recorded at 10 degrees Celsius in Tetulia at 9am on Sunday, said Rokonuzzaman, an officer of Tetulia Weather Observatory Centre.
The minimum temperature was recorded at 8.7 degree Celsius in Tetulia on Friday and Saturday.
The low-income people including day labourers, children, the elderly are worst hit by shivering cold.
The sun remains unseen most of the time while most of the day labourers can’t go out in search of work due to biting cold, report UNB.
Many locals were seen trying to keep warm by burning tree branches and dry leaves as the temperature keeps falling.
Vehicles were seen plying on the roads keeping their headlights on in daytime.
Besides, the hospital outdoor were found filled with patients suffering from cold-related diseases.
Dr Toufique Ahmed, resident medical officer of Panchagarh Modern Sadar Hospital, said 164 people are currently undergoing treatment at the 100-bed hospital. As a result, many patients are being forced to take treatment staying on floor.
Already the local administration has distributed 25,000 blankets among the destitute people.

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