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Compare and contrast paragraph between two places

Today we are going to discuss Compare and contrast paragraph between two places. In this paragraph we will see similarities between two places located in world’s largest sea beach Cox’s Bazar and Sunadia island in Moheshkhali.

                                Similarities Between two places


This paragraph about similarities between two places I have visited recently. Two weeks before I have an opportunity to visit some beautiful places. Among them Cox’s Bazar, Himchari, The Sunadia island was so beautiful. These all places are surprising me every time. However, on these places I have found some similarities between Cox’s Bazar sea beach and The Sunadia island. The two places were decorated very nicely. Their people were so cordial to each other, lovely and very helpful. Moreover, they received guests warmly and guided them carefully. Besides, they kept guest bags and luggage very truthfully. On the other hand, Cox’s Bazar and The Sunadia island are broad, sandy, and the longest sea beach. They both have a gentle slope and unbroken length. Both are located near The Bay of the bangle. They are bounded by Bakkhali River in the north and East, Bay of Bengal in the West, and Jilwanj union in the south of Cox’s Bazar sea beach, and Ghoti Banga Union for Sunadia sea beach. These two places are not only famous for their natural beauty but also dry fish, sauces, Misti paan and so on. Though I cannot find out everything in their natural scenery but these two places were really so beautiful and also the same to see. I love these places so much. I wish I will go there again in my upcoming vacant time.


Note: Compare and contrast paragraph will be always either similarities or differences between two things. It will be places, books, novels, movies, natok, films, educational institutions, etc whatever.


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