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Can a post graduate in Computer Science be called an engineer or Software Engineer or an IT engineer

No. It cannot be said as an educational qualification because BSc or MSc in Engineering and Computer Science is not the same thing.

In terms of education, the syllabus is different, and degrees and duration are all different. Most importantly, the two degrees have different aims, one science stream that will emphasize more on theoretical research and development and the other on practical application.

Now let’s come to work life, here the matter is a little different.

Bachelor or Master in Computer Science, BTech or MTech in Computer Science or IT Engineering, and Master of Computer Application (MCA) students in every degree and discipline are in dire demand in the field of Information Technology.

Not only that but to supply this demand, besides the above disciplines, people from almost all branches of engineering and mathematics are required.

Now suppose a Computer Science graduate and another BTech join Accenture as Information Technology workers, maybe both of them will be sitting side by side writing microservices and both of them are Software Engineers.

That means, he is not supposed to identify himself as a Computer Science postgraduate engineer as an educational qualification, why should he do that? Master’s in Computer Science sounds pretty impressive.

However, if the position you work in is IT engineer, Software Engineer, etc, then you can say.

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