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Brazilian legend Pele has passed away at the age of 82

Brazilian legend Pele has passed away, one of the greatest of all time who changed the game.
A man with a god-given talent, one of the historical names who will remain forever in the memory. Brazil legend Pele has died at the age of 82.
Pele means Football. The original GOAT. A trailblazer. One of the finest players to ever lace up. He will be missed by millions.

Hundreds of songs have been written about him. At the age of seventeen, he became the world champion and king of football. Before he turned twenty, the Brazilian government declared him a ‘national treasure‘ and non-exportable. He won three world titles for the Brazilian team and two for the Santos club. Even after completing his thousand goals, he didn’t stop counting. He played more than thirteen hundred matches in eighty countries, tirelessly.

He even stopped a war once: Nigeria and Biafra declared a ceasefire to watch him play.
It is reasonable to do a lot more, including a truce, to watch him play. When Pele ran, he proceeded to melt opponents like a hot knife through butter. When he stopped, the opponent would be mesmerized by the magic of his feet. As he leaped into the void, it seemed as if he were climbing up an invisible ladder.

When he took the free kick, the opposition players who had formed a human wall faced the goalpost so that they would not be denied the sight of the goal.

He was born in a poor house in Ajparagaon, and he rose to heights of power and fortune to which blacks had no access.

He never wasted a moment off the field and never saw a single penny fall out of his pocket. However, those of us who have been lucky enough to watch him play, have been blessed with an endless supply of beauty. Moments are so fleeting that they make us believe in the existence of immortality.
-Syed Fayez Ahmed

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