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20 Years Old Girl Found Bugs in Facebook and Goolge | Bug Bounty Hunter 2021

The big tech giant social media company Facebook recently announce Bug Bounty Hunter 2021 program. Here Aditi Singh one of the youngest cybersecurity experts in India secured $7500 from Facebook.

20 Years Old Girl Found Bugs in Facebook and Goolge | Bug Bounty Hunter 2021
20 Years Old Girl Found Bugs on Facebook

Meet Aditi Singh who earlier hacks her neighbor’s WiFi and now bagging 7500 Facebook bounty.

When Aditi was 18 years old when she tried how to became hack a neighbor’s wifi. Now she is a professional bug hunter and cybersecurity expert.

Who is Aditi Singh

Aditi Singh is an Indian medical science student. But she is very much passionate about software technology. So she tries to do something different. That’s why she became a cybersecurity analyst.

She has already done a lot of successful bug bounty hunting programs in her career. Her first bug hunting was Tiktok based hunting.

Bug Bounty Hunter 2021 – Aditi Singh career

Earlier she found bugs in Tiktok and successfully solve this. By doing this thing she was rewarded $1100 from Tiktok. Then one day she tries to find out bugs in Paytm and solve this. Here she was rewarded $500. Then she solves also a lot of game companies and freelancing companies.

She also finds out the bug in the big tech giant company Google. Google doesn’t award her but lists her in the Hall of Fame. Then she has done successfully Bug Bounty Hunter 2021 announced by Facebook. And awarded $7500.

How to become a bug bounty hunter

From Aditi Singh’s interview with Love Babbar, she here mentions that, if you are so much passionate about this career then this is yours. You have to learn one of a computer program like JavaScript or Python. Then try to find a bug in a subdomain first. Never try to the main domain as your earlier career.

You never think bug bounty hunter salary and earn a lot of money in so earlier. You have to learn if you earn. Becoming a bug bounty hunter or full-time bug bounty hunter is not easy. You have to study and follow the bug bounty hunter tutorial also.

So, first, try to gain proper knowledge about bug bounty hunting then go to earn. Also, you have to confident and passionate about Bug Bounty.

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